Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Adopt" a Family for Christmas
Every year, I have made the goal to adopt a family for christmas (you buy the family gifts.) How many times have I done it? Once. For Girlscouts. It is completely unacceptable that I keep on forgetting. I mean, every year, I receive presents, and I haven't even taken the initiative to give back. This year, I am determined to adopt a family, and instead of receiving presents from my family, give them. I am one of those people who doesn't take initiative to do things, so I am scared I will forget to do this. Anyways, for all you people out there who would like to give back this Christmas, here's how you do it. I am going to copy and paste from the link I found:

1. Listen to 102.9 Lite FM on Wed Nov 30 between 5am-7pm and Thur Dec 1 from 5am-9am and call 651.746.3577 to Adopt-A-Family. You will be immediately mailed information on the program and the family you’ve adopted, including some of their “wishes.”

2. Call your adopted family before Dec 11 for “wish” details/ideas and to arrange delivery by Dec 17.  

3. Purchase new gifts for each child in the family ages 0-18 years old.
You are NOT obligated to spend more than $25 on each child and gifts for the adults are not required.

4. Purchase a gift card from a grocery store. The dollar amount should be at least $10 for each family member listed.

5. Deliver your gifts to the family by December 17. We strongly encourage all gift deliveries to be at a Salvation Army Service Center, especially on December 17 from 2-4pm when we will have Christmas get-togethers at each center.

6. Enjoy your holiday knowing you have made Christmas extra special for a family in the Twin Cities.

For more information, click on the link.

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  1. That' great! I mean, last year during the month of December, our Church decided to adopt children for Christmas. Each small group (groups categorized by grade), was appointed two children. All of the students in each small group would pitch in money and buy the children gifts for Christmas. This program was also by the Salvation Army. Although I'm not sure what this program is called, it was very similar to the one you're talking about. I strongly encourage you to adopt a family and buy them heart-warming gifts as well. When you do, you feel happier than you are when you receive gifts because you know there are people that you are supporting and giving Christmas present to. Have a Happy Holiday this 2011 year!