Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What happened?

I just recently had dinner with my family friends, who I am not that close with. I used to be this really wild child who would never stop talking, so of course, they noticed that I have stopped telling endless stories that never end (yes this is not very evident in my blog.) Anyways, I wasn't talking that much through the whole dinner, and they kept asking the same question everyone who knew me as a child asks: What happened? Yep, it's a great confidence booster every time I hear that one :). Well, I think it's time I answered this question. First of all, I still talk a lot, but only really with people I know well or relate to well. Second of all, after realizing nobody listened to my stories ever, I felt it might be nice for other people if I cut them back, so as to spare them from the multiple "And then..."s. Third of all, I became awkward and forgot how to talk :). Sometimes now, I'll be telling a story, and then I'll realize my story sucks, so I'll just end my story in the middle of it. Or I'll be saying something that I understand, but nobody else seems to understand it. So I've kind of refrained from talking a bit. So that's what happened.

My Clutzy Day


Today was...Not a very good day. My day began at 8 o'clock with my mom pounding on my door, yelling, "Breakfast!" At eight in the morning! I got out of my bed and dragged my feet to the kitchen table as my mom served tasteless, yucky oatmeal. As I grabbed the juice squeezer to pour myself some grapefruit juice to unstick the oatmeal in my throat, somehow the whole juice managed to spill all over the table. Now, I am known for being the clumsy one in the family. If there's a cord on the floor, I'm guaranteed to trip on it, no matter how many times I walk by it. And in the winter, it's also guaranteed I slip on the driveway at least twice. So anyways, I received several taunts for this. The rest of the day was pretty good. I sat around and did nothing as I usually do. After dinner we decided to play Poker, which went really well. I won for the first time ever! Though I managed to spill my chips at least 3 times all over the ground while showing them off to my sister. While putting the poker game away in our basement, don't ask me what happened, but I slipped or something on the stairs, and the lid of the poker game came crashing down the stairs, as hundreds (ok probably fifty,) poker chips rained down the stairs. So my day ended with collecting tons of poker chips scattered in a wide radius. And now I've managed to somehow get my leg stuck in the back of my chair, and I can't get it out! I need to figure out something to control myself, because I don't think that leash I was talking about in my last post is going to work.