Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Arizona Adventure

Clarion Ledger
         Get ready for a very long post. For five days, my family and I went to Arizona, and I have to say, it was amazing. Chicago has been freezing us all, so it was a nice break from the cold air. Arizona is such a beautiful place, with the mountains in the background and the palm trees everywhere. We came to Arizona, because my sister had her College soccer tournament.
          On Wednesday, we mostly got settled in our hotel room, and we ate at a delicious Persian restaurant. On Thursday, we went to two soccer games (my sister's team won one and tied one) and traveled around Scottsdale. My parents and I went to Old Scottsdale, while my sister was at her hotel, and I found all the history of the place so cool. There are Indian artifacts and all sorts of Mexican knick knacks there. Because I was missing a lot of school (which means tons of makeup tests for me,) I had to study. But instead of studying in my hotel room, everyday I went outside by the pool and studied, where the only sounds were golfers, because our hotel was right next to a golf course. On Friday, I missed my sister's first game, and they won, so I studied at my usual spot at the pool. Later that day, she had another soccer game, which was one of the most intense games I have ever watched. At that game, Colorado State had brought some girls who were cheering for their team loudly and obnoxiously. They were teasing our players for stupid stuff, like falling down. Well the game went into overtime, and then penalty kicks, and our team won! It was one of the sweetest wins. After the game, we went to a restaurant situated on a mountain. It literally overlooks all of Phoenix. On Saturday, we relaxed at the pool, and my sister had a soccer game (it was the semifinals.) They unfortunately lost, but my sister said that her team didn't deserve to win, because they had a bad attitude.)Later, I finally convinced my mom to let us all go climb a mountain. It was so adventurous and fun, and the view was amazing. My mom got tired, so we didn't make it to the top, unfortunately, but it was a really fun experience that I recommend. Just make sure you remember to wear flip flops, because I ended up with a spike on my foot that really hurt. After the mountain, we went to the coolest movie experience ever. It is called ipic theater, and there you watch a movie in super comfy reclining chairs, and a waiter comes and brings you food. And unfortunately, today we had to leave. Right now, I am sitting in freezing Chicago, studying for three tests, and wishing I was back there.

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