Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Someone Needs to Put a Leash on Me

If ever a human needed a leash, it would be me. Do you know those really awkward moments where you can't get around someone, because he/she keeps side stepping the same way you are? Ya, that person is me. Today, I was walking to see my friend, when a classroom door opens, and I ram into the first person out. Then fastforward to lunch. I'm trying to get to the lunchline, and look, I rammed into another person. I don't know if I'm blind or what, but sometimes I think I need a leash, so these things wouldn't always have to happen to me!


  1. I TOTALLY understand you. I always bump into people when they're clearly right in front of me. However, it's okay to do that because it doesnt change who you are. Yeah, it's awkward, but YOU DON'T NEED A LEASH!!! haha. If you have a leash, you're restricted to some places and you're kind of in your own little bubble. Don't be because it's more fun to make mistakes and laugh about it than being held back from mistakes by a "leash" :D So, yes I disagree that you need a leash. No human does. :)

  2. As E.S. said, this happens to me all the time as well! I feel like I'm doing some exteremly awkward dance with a stranger.... it's always a great experience. I can also definitely relate to the clumsy-ness factor. I remember one time in class a few years ago I went to sharpen my pencil, tripped over a desk, got up, then tripped over a trash can. It was great! :) My whole class was laughing (including myself) and my teacher asked, "Emily, are you sure you can get back to your desk in one piece....?"!