Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What happened?

I just recently had dinner with my family friends, who I am not that close with. I used to be this really wild child who would never stop talking, so of course, they noticed that I have stopped telling endless stories that never end (yes this is not very evident in my blog.) Anyways, I wasn't talking that much through the whole dinner, and they kept asking the same question everyone who knew me as a child asks: What happened? Yep, it's a great confidence booster every time I hear that one :). Well, I think it's time I answered this question. First of all, I still talk a lot, but only really with people I know well or relate to well. Second of all, after realizing nobody listened to my stories ever, I felt it might be nice for other people if I cut them back, so as to spare them from the multiple "And then..."s. Third of all, I became awkward and forgot how to talk :). Sometimes now, I'll be telling a story, and then I'll realize my story sucks, so I'll just end my story in the middle of it. Or I'll be saying something that I understand, but nobody else seems to understand it. So I've kind of refrained from talking a bit. So that's what happened.

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