Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hopeless Words


         Every Sunday morning, I wake up, walk to the end of our driveway barefoot, bring in the Sunday Tribune, and dive into it. I have no idea what was different about last Sunday, but for the first time, I stopped reading the newspaper before I even reached the Arts and Entertainment section. I flipped through endless killings, rapes, robberies, and stories of families torn apart by death and disease. I flipped through stories about the economy in the dumps and updates on our pathetic Republican presidential canidates. When I reached the Nation and World Section, there were numerous stories about revolutions and rebellions in the Middle East, most about Syria, where some of my family lives. I read about bombings, deaths, drownings, diseases, and everything miserable, and before I could reach the Arts and Entertainment section, I slapped down the newspaper and asked myself, "What has this world come to?"

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